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We strive to honor God with our work, love our neighbor with generosity, and help others do the same.

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We are not acquiring donor partners; we are creating champions for kingdom causes. By joining forces with the Tithe Foundation, you will be invested in and have an opportunity to invest in the lives of others. Let’s create a brighter future together.

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As a non-profit partner with the Tithe Foundation, we can work together to drive real change and create positive impact in the communities we serve. We value our partnerships and are committed to providing support. Let’s make a difference!

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We are happy to host quarterly workshops highlighting topics on mission, effective communication, leading through adversity, and how to handle success. Click here to inquire about our next workshop.

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About Tithe Foundation

Why does Tithe Foundation exist?

We understand that many business leaders want to make a lasting difference in the communities they serve. At Tithe Foundation, we come alongside these leaders to help remind them of who they are, and how to think differently about their influence through work and life. We’ve created a community that is working to make an impact while investing in the growth and deployment of their God given resources along the way.

To honor God in our work, love our neighbor with generosity, and help others do the same.
As a business partner of the Tithe Foundation, you will be both invested in and asked to invest in others. Our quarterly workshops are focused sessions that assist in four main leadership categories: Mission and Purpose, Effective Communication, Inevitable Adversity, and Handling Success. Our quarterly impact alerts will highlight a Non-Profit partner and a critical need. Together we will have the opportunity to fill a tangible gap affecting our community.

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We believe that together, we can go farther.

That’s why we provide a meaningful platform for businesses and non-profits to collaborate and make a difference. Our foundation values include honoring God in all that we do, being Kingdom activators, measuring impact, and telling stories that glorify what God is doing through the marketplace.

Join us in making a significant impact in our communities. Donate to the Tithe Foundation today and be part of something bigger than yourself.

Business Partners

Join the movement of purpose-driven giving. The Tithe Foundation empowers businesses to make a difference by letting them choose a cause that resonates with their values and mission.

Non-Profit Partners

Our non-profit partners play a vital role in identifying critical needs. We work towards fulfilling those needs and creating a better future. We celebrate the impact made on the communities we serve.

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Contributing To A Better World

Where Businesses and Non-Profits Unite

When businesses and non-profits come together to create positive impact in their community, it leads to innovative solutions, increased resources, and a shared sense of purpose. Together, we can make a difference and drive meaningful change toward a better future.